How to Choose the Best Month for Weddings

• 17th Jun, 22  

Indian Weddings are a busy affair; from the planning to the big day, there are so many things one does in advance. But the most crucial part of Indian weddings is the wedding date. Once the date is set, the rest of everything falls in place.

Deciding on the wedding is a little tricky; the wedding season in India depends on the auspicious dates in the months.

Nowadays, couples like to appoint wedding planners to bring their…


Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas Which Makes Your Event Memorable

• 26th May, 22  


There has been a gradual transition in the decoration of weddings in the recent past. Indian weddings have been more of a show stopper with creative minds behind the exquisite decorations. And indeed, why not? It is a once-in-a-lifetime event that marks the beginning of a new family life for the wedded couples. The choices are many, from the ordinary ones to the titanic decorations; it all matters the amount of money you want to…


The Common Marriage Invitation Mistakes that Couples Often Do

• 26th May, 22  


We all tend to make mistakes, especially when we do it for the first time. One of the most common mistakes is marriage invitation. You may either forget to invite some of your near and dear ones or give out the wrong information about your wedding. However, you can avoid the mistakes if you follow a specific procedure. Following are some of the common mistakes that couples make during their marriage invitations:

Sending out wrong information…


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