2023 Summer Wedding Buffet Must Haves

• 5th May, 23  

Summer weddings are a joyous occasion, and one of the most exciting parts is planning the buffet menu for the wedding. Summer Weddings normally refer to weddings that occur during the summer season, usually from March end to May in India. Due to the hot and humid weather, these weddings often take place in a banquet or a hotel. 

A summer wedding buffet generally consists of various dishes served on a self-serve basis to wedding guests.…


How to create a memorable wedding entertainment experience of 2023

• 20th Mar, 23  

These days you can get creative and unique with wedding themes. Everybody wants to do something unique and memorable for their wedding day. Everyone wants something special, whether it's a luxury wedding or a simple and minimalistic one. 

A multi-sensory experience is a unique way to design or plan your wedding so that it can stimulate and grasp each of the five senses of the wedding guests. 

Let's know about the multi-sensory wedding experience that will be…


2023 a Year Of Unique Color-Themed Weddings

• 17th Feb, 23  

Weddings are full of intricate elements that you want to execute flawlessly. The wedding planning begins with in which season you want to get married, where you want to get married, what venue you are looking forward to book, what type of flowers you like, what kind of dress, and so on. 

Planning weddings can feel daunting and even draining at times. How about you begin the wedding planning journey by choosing the colours…


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