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How to Choose the Best Month for Weddings

• 17th Jun, 22  

Indian Weddings are a busy affair; from the planning to the big day, there are so many things one does in advance. But the most crucial part of Indian weddings is the wedding date. Once the date is set, the rest of everything falls in place.

Deciding on the wedding is a little tricky; the wedding season in India depends on the auspicious dates in the months.

Nowadays, couples like to appoint wedding planners to bring their dream wedding to life. Wedding planners help the couple with the theme and aesthetic of their wedding day as per the wedding month.

But the first thing you must know is when you are getting married. The wedding date could fall in the summer or winter. Both these seasons are popular for weddings in India.

One of the best and most popular seasons to wed in India is October-March. The temperatures are just right throughout the country, with a pleasant atmosphere in the western and southern regions. Winters in some parts, especially in the north and northeast regions, are cold and frosty.

Finalize the venue:
Finalize the wedding venue after you decide on the date of your wedding. If your wedding is in summer, it is best to have an indoor wedding. You can book a luxury banquet that offers all the amenities and serves delicious food. As mentioned above, winters in the northern part of India are frosty, so if you want, you can also host a winter wedding indoors.

Holiday Season are Fun!
Wedding during the summer holidays? A wedding during the summer holidays is one of the best timing of the year. Summer holidays in India are much longer than the winter holidays. Hence, families have a lot of time to prepare for the wedding day. Even the winter holidays are fine for having a wedding. Any holiday season is always fun in India. Many can take official leaves from work during the holidays, so it is always double fun if the wedding date is during the holidays!

If budget is not a constraint, the holiday season is the best as you get to enjoy more. The rates are higher due to increased demand during holidays. Still, you can always ask your wedding planners or vendors for the best bargains.

Avoid the 'Exam' Months
Suppose your wedding dates clash with school and college exam dates; reconsider the wedding dates if possible. If you have a family filled with younger cousins or nieces and nephews, it spoils all the fun if they have exams during your wedding. It is one of the reasons why the March and April months are the least favored by many in India.

Get confirmation from your families about their children's exams before fixing the wedding date. After all, it makes sense to have all of your family be there with you on your wedding day, especially your cute nieces and nephews.

Off-Season Months!
Some months of the year are known as the off-season wedding months. You will find auspicious dates in these months too. If you are not apprehensive about that, you can save a fortune in the off-season months. You can get good discounts on wedding services if you plan your wedding in the off-season months. You can hire some of the top wedding catering services, or wedding decoration vendors will be available as they have time. You can take advantage of the off-season month, especially if you are on a budget and yet want to have the lavish wedding of your dream.

Remember to book your preferred venue in advance so you can have your wedding at your dream location. Logistics also play a role when choosing your wedding month and date. You must consider their dates if you have relatives or close friends abroad. So they can attend your wedding. It will be convenient for everyone if the wedding is in a well-connected city or location, regardless of the month.

We at iLeaf Banquets understand the significance of the wedding date. We offer all the comforts required to achieve a successful luxe wedding indoors. Our lavish banquet decor is a perfect backdrop for your wedding. Our banquets have an elegant decor that compliments your wedding no matter the wedding date or month you select for your big day. You can have your dream wedding in a controlled environment indoors. Our luxe banquets are large enough to accommodate the wedding guests and your wedding decor dreams.

iLeaf Banquets also have a team of wedding planners that will help you with your dream wedding regardless of the season or month. So be at peace and start planning for your wedding dates.

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