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2023 a Year Of Unique Color-Themed Weddings

• 17th Feb, 23  

Weddings are full of intricate elements that you want to execute flawlessly. The wedding planning begins with in which season you want to get married, where you want to get married, what venue you are looking forward to book, what type of flowers you like, what kind of dress, and so on. 

Planning weddings can feel daunting and even draining at times. How about you begin the wedding planning journey by choosing the colours you want for your wedding? Isn't it an excellent thing to start when checking your to-do list for wedding planning? While selecting colours for your wedding can be complex, it doesn't have to be! 

2023 will be the year where you can play with colours to paint a picture-perfect wedding for yourself. Let us help you with the colours that will be popular this wedding season. 

Bright Crimson Red or Magenta

A stunning crimson red shade will add an element of boldness to the wedding. It's a shade that will be very popular with the brides for their wedding dresses. Also, it will be popular amongst wedding set designers for wedding decor. One can even add this as a pop of colour to their neutral & classic style of wedding decor. For a summer wedding, Crimson Red or Magenta is a colour to keep in mind.

Emerald Green 

Emerald Green a colour that rules most weddings as it should. This gorgeous green shade is perfect for all seasons and adds an element of royalty if paired with the right complementary shades. This 2023 emerald green colour will be popular in the wedding industry. You will see a lot of emerald green in wedding decor and bridal jewellery. 

Neutral Colors 

All the neutral shades, like golds, champagne, off-whites, creams and so on, will be trendy in 2023. These simple yet sophisticated palettes of colour are appealing to everyone. They look classy and minimalistic, a big trend in the wedding industry. You will see 2023 brides pairing these elegant neutrals with fun colours like pinks, greens, and earthy tones. 

Blush Pink 

Blush Pink is a beautiful soft pink to add to your primary colour palette. 

Blush pink is having a moment in the wedding industry as celebrities' choice of wedding colour. So, blush pink is going to be on trend for this year. You add this beautiful shade of pink to your wedding decor with a primary colour complementing it. 


Add lavender to your wedding day palette if you plan a summer wedding. This gorgeous shade symbolizes elegance and luxury. This colour works beautifully for wedding decor as well. It's a unique colour that catches your attention and works for all venues, indoors or outdoors. 

Navy Blue 

Another shade of blue that will be popular for winter weddings is Navy Blue. You can always use shades of blue for winter weddings. Navy blue is a shade that has been trending for a few years and will be popular in 2023. Blue is such a classic colour of choice for wedding planners and decorators, and navy blue is just perfect. One can do so much with this colour; use it as a complementary colour for your neutral colours or make it fun with a bright colour like pink or green. 

Shades of Wine

Wine shade can be a colour of choice if you are planning an autumn wedding. This lovely shade complements many colours and works best with autumn's earthy tones. It is also a stunning colour for your bridesmaids' outfits. If you plan an autumn or winter wedding, try adding shades of wine to your wedding colour palette.

Rust Orange

Rust Orange is a fun colour to add to your winter weddings this 2023. Bright orange has been popular in the wedding industry for many years, but now rust orange will be trendy this year. Not only for winter weddings but rust orange can also be implemented for spring/summer weddings. It adds a pop of colour without being too bold. In 2023, brides will also use this colour for their bridal dresses. 

These are the colours that will trend this year. Whether you have a summer/spring wedding or an autumn/winter wedding, you can be creative and use any of the above shades. 

To be on trend, incorporate these colours into the wedding decor or outfits for a colour-themed wedding. 


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