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Tips on Planning The Perfect Engagement Ceremonies

• 15th Dec, 22  

The engagement ceremony in India is the first grand function hosted before the marriage. It works as the trial ceremony before the wedding, as it helps you understand how things will be on your big day. Nevertheless, the engagement ceremony counts on your budget and the number of guests you invite. Most couples like an intimate engagement ceremony with close people, but some may want to host a lavish and memorable one.

Couples need help understanding how and where to start the engagement preparations. If you are set to get engaged and don't know how to go on about it, this post is ideal for you. Let's know more about the engagement ceremony list you should remember while planning your engagement. 

Engagement Date

In India, engagement dates are finalized based on muhurat. Fix the date you want to host your engagement. The date of engagement is chosen mutually by both families after discussing it with their Pandit or officiant. So you must first set a date that suits you, specifically if you invite your out-of-town guests.

Size of the engagement ceremony

Before you decide on anything further, you need to choose the size of the engagement ceremony. Determine whether you want to host a big fat engagement ceremony or a private one with your family and friends. The size of the engagement ceremony will help you plan your budget for the same. 

Engagement budget

Planning your budget is crucial. Your budget will decide everything in your engagement ceremony. It is one of the most paramount factors while you plan your engagement. If both families contribute to the engagement, discuss the budget and plan accordingly for the ceremony. 

The Guest List

Make a list of people you want to invite to the engagement ceremony. If planning a big engagement ceremony, make a proper list of guests. And if you are planning to keep it a family affair, then list down your family members. The guest list helps you organize your engagement ceremony better. It also enables you to assess your budget. 

Hire a Professional Planner

If you plan to host a big fat engagement ceremony, hire a professional wedding planner. A professional wedding planner can be a tremendous help, particularly when you have yet to gain experience hosting any ceremony, let alone an engagement ceremony. Professional wedding planners are experienced; they can assist you in creating a memorable ceremony. A professional planner will lessen the burden and manage every preparation for your engagement ceremony. 

Book Venue

Depending on the size of your engagement, you will need to book your venue. Couples choose restaurants or budget hotels in case of small gatherings. But consider hosting your engagement ceremony at a wedding banquet or open lawn if it's a large gathering. Wedding banquets are equipped with everything from catering to wedding decor. Nowadays, they also have a large capacity to accommodate your long guest list. Also, pick a convenient engagement venue for your guests to commute. 

Types of Invite

Decide beforehand how you plan to inform your guests - through phone calls, printed invites, or e-invites. You can get creative with your invites depending on your engagement ceremony theme or liking. Once you know the type of invite, you can act accordingly because each type is different and needs time. 

Engagement Ceremony Menu

Engagement ceremony menus are usually smaller in size. But a good amount of your budget goes towards the food menu. You can spend less on your engagement food menu, but the quality and taste should be maintained. It should be delicious and have everything from starters to the main course.

Entrust tasks

If you plan to organize and manage your engagement ceremony, allocate various tasks to different family members. Doing so will lessen your burden and will not cause any hiccups on the day of the engagement. The engagement ceremony becomes special as you and your family are actively involved from beginning to end.

Engagement/Ring Ceremony.

On the engagement day, the groom presents a ring to the bride, and the bride gives a ring to the groom. The ring ceremony is an integral part of your engagement day. If you plan a surprise for a memorable ring ceremony exchange, make sure you loop in your family members about the same. You can get creative with your engagement ceremony these days, so make it special. 


Remember to enjoy yourself! Planning, organising and managing your engagement can get stressful. You make sure you get a good sleep before your engagement day. It will calm your nerves and help you prepare better for the long exciting day. It's your engagement day, so be happy and enjoy yourself! 

Planning an engagement ceremony can get tedious, but if you start early with your plans for the ceremony, things will fall into place quickly. 


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