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How to create a memorable wedding entertainment experience of 2023

• 20th Mar, 23  

These days you can get creative and unique with wedding themes. Everybody wants to do something unique and memorable for their wedding day. Everyone wants something special, whether it's a luxury wedding or a simple and minimalistic one. 

A multi-sensory experience is a unique way to design or plan your wedding so that it can stimulate and grasp each of the five senses of the wedding guests. 

Let's know about the multi-sensory wedding experience that will be that will keep your guests entertained: 

Let's keep in mind the five senses and plan accordingly. 

Sight (Visual Storytelling)

Choosing the proper color palette is a massive part of visual storytelling when planning a wedding. Selecting a wedding design and decor that matches your taste and suits the venue and its seasonal surroundings is vital.

For spring and summer weddings, vibrant pinks, blush pinks, peaches, and other pastel shades make the decor fresh and romantic. Select darker and warmer hues like burnt orange, navy blue, and shades of dark green for autumn and winter events.

Use these color palettes for your wedding design, from intricate decorations to blooms. Take advantage of the elements and layout of the location, which will be the prominent backdrop to the big day. Flower and lighting decorations are crucial in creating a charming aura, ensuring your wedding day will be memorable even after the celebration. Add custom touches that will allow your guests to connect with the wedding and will also help them socialize. This is how you will turn your wedding into an unmatched experience. 

Hearing (Sound)

Music is a transcending tool that can impact energy and mood. You can emote or convey through music by picking songs that will elevate your spirit at the different moments of your wedding. Go for romantic songs during the wedding ceremony and lively and energetic music for the sangeet. Play instrumentals during the wedding reception to engage your guests. Sound plays a crucial role in the making of weddings, so do take some time and prepare your playlist.

Smell (Scent/Fragrance)

The sense of smell is vital to creating unforgettable memories, so including

distinctive fragrances on your wedding day ensures that it will be truly memorable. You can light fresh or lightly scented candles and place them all around the lounge or seating area to enhance your guests' experience. You may also decorate the reception tables with potpourri or fresh blooms to keep the air fragrant for extended periods.

Touch (Feel the Elements)

The sense of touch begins with the wedding invitation. Guests should be able to experience or see something that makes it unique. The wedding invitation need not be fancy, yet it should be strikingly different from the normal ones. You can keep to your wedding theme and add its elements to the invitation. You

can use your creativity and use other materials for the invitation too. 

Play with textures while decorating the wedding venue. It looks unique and beautiful, like tablecloths and runners in linen or raw silk on tables while guests are seated. Remember to tie your furnishing with eclectic and vintage prints, cushions, and coverings to add more texture to your seating area. Smartly integrated textures, pairings, and fabrics will amaze guests that won't be able to avoid touching them.

Taste (Savour the Food)

Keep your guests busy from the moment they arrive at the wedding venue. A welcome drink or a whole drink station with a variety of mocktails is a perfect introduction to the taste buds, and then follow it up with savoryappetizers. Choose a food menu that covers different cuisines. But do not make it an extensive menu that will go to waste. Select three - five cuisines and go all out with it. Design your buffet in a way that is interesting for your guests. The dessert counter is also essential because you can get creative with it. Keep desserts that your guests will love and enjoy but also keep something different from usual to play with the taste buds. 

There are many ways to create a memorable & entertaining wedding experience, but it is about engaging your guests with creativity, which matters the most. Going all out with your wedding must make sense, as it should be an unforgettable experience.

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