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Tips on choosing a venue.

• 31st Mar, 21  

Your big day is almost here? picking a wedding venue was never an easy task, but now it's even more difficult with the COVID-19 pandemic and restriction in play. So how does one decide which wedding venue will be the best suitable to your requirement? We are here to help you with this question.


Weddings are fun, the best time to have your loved ones gather together and have a blast. But choosing the right wedding venue for yourself is tricky. Many factors go into choosing a venue for your wedding. So let's go through them briefly.



It all starts with a budget. How much means do you plan to spend on your wedding day? We all know that the wedding budget tends to stretch a bit so plan your budget wisely before seeking a venue for your big day.


Type of Venue

To know what kind of wedding you want to have an indoor wedding or outdoor? This is necessary as it's imperative to have clarity on how you want and where you want your wedding to be on your big day.



Try to find a venue that offers all. These days many wedding venues take care of everything right from the wedding decor to catering. Having everything under one roof is a blessing at the wedding venue. It will save you the hassle.


The Guestlist

Preparing a guest list is key to understanding how many guests are going to attend your wedding. Accordingly, you will have to decide the venue for your big day. Due to the pandemic, we currently capped at 50 guests per wedding. But this might change as the restrictions are slowly eased off. So planning your guest list is necessary.


Availability on the Chosen Day

Most of the wedding venues are booked a year in advance for the big day. So, you must check with the wedding venues that you have shortlisted. How they work and if they are available on the chosen date. You will have to plan accordingly for the entire wedding, as the things that may work for a particular venue may not work for other wedding venues. So, keep this in mind.


Visit Wedding Venue

Know your wedding venue well by visiting them at least once. Whether it's a destination wedding venue or your in-town wedding venue. You can envision what your dream wedding should look like better once you visit the wedding venue. All things come together after you take a good look at the wedding venue. So, make sure you visit the shortlisted wedding venue at least once before your wedding day.


During COVID-19, it is best to have a small yet memorable wedding. At Ileaf Ritz Banquets, we make your big day exceptional by offering you everything your desire under one roof. So, what are you waiting for? Just give us a call and get your dream wedding planned at Ileaf Ritz Banquets, Thane.

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