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The Ultimate Marriage Checklist Each Indian Bride Must Follow!

• 28th Dec, 21  

 Wedding Checklist

Weddings are one of the most important and beautiful events in any person's life. While the excitement for the day gives an adrenaline rush, the responsibility for making the day a perfect one is a cause of great and constant concern.


The checklist which helps in every Indian marriage


After finalizing the date of the wedding, the most significant concert remains on budget. The concerns like how much we should spend, where we have to pay the most, all these thoughts and the questions need great attention at least for the initial phase of the wedding. Thus, the wedding planners need to decide on the budget as soon as possible.

Wedding planner

Most people like planning their wedding. However, some do not want to take any pressure before the D-day, whether it is better to hire a wedding planner with good experience who will guide you and organize everything according to your convenience. It is better to hire a planner right from the beginning of the wedding plans so that they can make perfect arrangements for your D-day.


Location is an essential prospect in a wedding. It is necessary to find a place that will fit all the guests you invited. For big weddings, you should decide on a site that can accommodate dance floors and have a comfortable fit for the area for eating. For best preferences, you can take the wadding planners along with you while choosing the location for your marriage hall.

For a destination wedding, you have to decide on the places which can accommodate all your guests for your D-day.

Catering services

While finalizing the location for the wedding, it is better to check whether they provide catering services. If not, try to contact the best caterers in the city and decide the one for your perfect day. Then, make your wedding day a grand success, make sure the food you serve to your guests tastes lovely.


It is your wedding; hence you should set the theme according to your choice. For example, you can select the set theme according to your favorite colors or a movie you like. Whatever your choice, it should reflect you and your partner's bonding. Finally, you can take this theme to your planners and caterers and set them according to it.

Guest lists

Another significant confusion in weddings is the decision on the guest list. Hence, you should divide the list into categories like close relatives, colleagues, close friends, and many more to get the perfect list. It is better to approximate the number of guests you want to invite to your wedding and decide on the invitation accordingly.

Photographer and videographer

For capturing the beautiful moments of your beautiful day, you should book a good photographer and videographer. While most people love candid photos, some still like the traditional ways of capturing the images. Hence, it is better to decide on the type of photography you want and the photographer and videographer accordingly.

To sum it up

A wedding checklist is a stressful task, and people always mess up at the end however perfectly they plan the day. Hence, it is better to decide on the above checklists as soon as possible and get the best memories of your wedding hall on D-day.


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