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Small touches for guest comfort at your wedding.

• 8th Apr, 21  

Your guest is one of the significant people who need proper attention and care on your big day. So, what can you do to make them feel special and more comfortable at your wedding? Let's go through some additional touches you can add for guest comfort. 

Hire a transport service

If your wedding venue on the outskirts of the city, then hiring a transport service would be helpful. It will make travel for your guests coming from faraway places comfortable and convenient. The guests will appreciate the effort and will remember it as a thoughtful gesture.


Arranging a refreshment station

Your guests will be at the venue for a long time. Why not have a refreshment station where you serve tea, coffee, and snacks that will make your guest happy and refreshed throughout the wedding. It's the small touches that help with the experience.


Photo-station at the entrance

Pictures commemorate the moments, especially on happy occasions. These days everyone loves clicking photos so, why not have a photo station at the entrance? Your guests will be able to click photos and have them developed on the spot. The picture will always remind your guests of the wedding and will make them happy. It is a fun way to entertain your guests who love clicking photographs.


Comfortable seating arrangements

Seating arrangements are fundamental for comfort, especially now when the COVID-19 restriction is in place. You must maintain social distancing norms and make seating arrangements accordingly. This way, you are making sure your guests are safe and feel comfortable throughout the wedding.


Play Music

So, music makes up for the atmosphere at your wedding. Make the DJ play music that everyone enjoys. This way everyone will enjoy the music rather than only youngsters.


The ambiance is the key.

You create the right ambiance for your guests by using lights, candles, votives, tapers, and more. The atmosphere will make your guests enjoy your wedding even more.

It's all about the small touches that make things different. These additional touches to your current wedding plan or wedding venue will make your guest happy. There are many wedding venues and wedding planners that help you through the process of choosing the right things for your guests. We at ileaf Banquets thane, have an experienced team who understands the importance of comfort for the guests.

Give your guests a luxurious experience at ileaf Grand Banquets in Thane. We ensure that your guests will remember your wedding for the rest of their lives.

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