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Best Wedding Catering Trends in 2022!

• 30th Mar, 22  

Is it not surprising for you to see so many couples getting hitched right after the pandemic? It seems like a marriage outbreak has come into existence suddenly out of nowhere. The scenario is evident as people did not get the chance to celebrate their union through marriage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are also planning to organize your wedding in a dreamy banquet hall, why not focus on the food this time? If you want to do something special at your wedding so that people never get to forget your special day, then read the following blog to find new catering ideas! 

Catering Trends you should follow.

After the lockdown, people are seen gushing into various wedding halls to celebrate the union of two love birds these days. But everyone wants their special day to be unique to the invitees. If you want the same, you can save your budget for the catering services for the new catering trends in 2022! 

1. Special individuals:

People love decorated platters at wedding ceremonies. The first and foremost thing you can include in your catering trend is decorating small plates of snacks with vibrant looks and naming them the chef's special. 

2. Hyper Regional food:

The typical dishes are very usual at wedding parties. Still, whether it is a reception or the marriage party, you can consistently offer your guests some regional dishes which the groom and bride have grown up eating. Such regional dishes fill tummies and connect two different families with different cultures and even unite their dishes!

3. Story specials:

Every couple has been through one time or one day when they enjoyed a particular dish together during their relationship. As the day is not only about the marriage but also about letting people know about their love story, you can put that particular small dish on your catering menu.

4. Plant-based dishes:

The 21st-century folks are quite concerned regarding their health, especially after the pandemic. You might spot some of your guests searching for veggie dishes, and you would not like to upset them on your special day for sure. To ensure that people with different taste buds find their favorite comfortable food items, you can add a few platters for plant-based dishes like continentals or salads. 

5. Elevated comfort food:

The catering trends of 2022 say that there must be some twist in the menu of your wedding. The elevated comfort food serves the same. Most people have seen French fries or other famous dishes being done in paper boxes with ketchup pouches previously. But elevated sections aim to serve the commonly popular dishes in the most extraordinary ways. You can place the French fries on plates and the ketchup in tiny cocktail glasses for utter cuteness!

6. Gazing tables:

Besides the above individual dishes, the catering services should arrange something special like a gazing table where they would decorate it in the best and most colorful way possible with fruits, vegetables, chicken pieces, juices, etc. It is the table where the guests can share a typical dish and have a comfortable conversation while dining.

Apart from the above dishes, bowl dishes are also in the catering trend in 2022. People enjoy their dinner in bowls, while they do not even have to sit for a conversation anytime as the bowl is too comfortable anyways!

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