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5 Mistakes People Do While Choosing a Banquet Hall

• 24th Nov, 21  

The most important day of your life is your wedding day. You will probably do everything to make it the most memorable day in your life. Choosing a well decorated and spacious banquet hall is the first step to your wedding plan. The theme and decor of the place must be perfect and match the ideas you have been dreaming of since the auspicious date was finalized. Therefore, you must plan before it becomes a burden on you. However, there are some common mistakes that people make while choosing a wedding hall.

Budget is the most crucial factor while choosing a wedding hall. If you spend more than the actual budget, then the other expenses will suffer. Hence, always look for a place that is cost-effective as well as clean, and well decorated. Alternatively, try not to hire a place that will cause embarrassment. Therefore, you must choose a banquet hall that matches your budget; otherwise, you will not meet both ends. Furthermore, the initial days of your marriage will become frustrating as you will not like to start your marriage life on a depressing note.  
Photographs are not always honest

You must be excited to see the beautiful venues of the marriage halls. The beautiful interiors, overall decor, and ambiance may attract you, and you instantly book it just by seeing the images. However, once you visit the place physically, you may get a different picture. All your dreams that you were thinking of fall are flat on the ground. Hence, it is advisable that before you book a marriage hall, visit the place physically and verify whether it has all the necessary amenities.
Basic parameters

If you want to have a successful wedding, you must ensure that the three primary parameters are given special attention.

  • Food: Food is the primary attraction of any wedding. Indian weddings are glamorous, but if the taste of the food fails, it does not satisfy the guests. It will spread like fire, and soon you will find yourself in an embarrassing situation.
  • Restrooms: The restrooms are an essential part of the wedding venue. You have to make sure that they are clean. If the wedding is in an open space, do not forget to install mobile restrooms; the guests will have difficulty during the auspicious occasion.
  • Parking Space: You must always ensure that the wedding place has proper parking facilities. It may become a nightmare for the guests if they are unable to find a suitable parking place.

Decor and Layout

Many people forget to give importance to the decor and the layout of the venue. The wedding hall is beautifully decorated with different lighting and an excellent buffet layout, creating a lasting impression. Hence, make sure to have the perfect decor for your wedding hall to become a lifetime experience.  

Never plan a wedding in an open space during the rainy season. Most people tend to forget it, and hence rain plays a spoilsport to your beautifully decorated wedding place. However, always have a backup plan if you still plan to have the wedding in an open space. It will relieve you from last-minute stress.

Hence, it would help not neglect the few essential things while choosing a marriage hall. You can also hire an event manager or consult someone with experience before choosing a banquet hall for your wedding. 

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