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iLeaf Experience


We at iLeaf Cconnects, are a young team with passion and energy, excelling in planning, conceptualizing and executing unique solutions with the edge of competitive pricing. Our philosophy synergizes our key beliefs of
'ideas, life, experience, art and feel'.

This pursuit makes us innovate and deliver on ideas and spaces that are path breaking. With our 10+ years of experience nationwide,
we always aim to conquer new grounds.

Meet the team


Pratish Ambekar

Co-founder & Director

Head of operations and finance. Pratish, a mechanical engineer by profession is hardly mechanical when it comes to business finance. Enthusiastic and passionate about the business, he manages all operations on both micro & macro levels.


Abhishek Kadam

Co-founder & Director

Heads of business and creative team. Abhishek, a mechanical engineer and MICA alumni, is the go-to guy when it comes to creating new concepts and big ideas. His vast knowledge of the market and new trends makes him a reservoir of big thinking.